The Remo-S is a complete off-the-shelf solution aimed at lowering manufacturing costs and production times whilst allowing a significant number of custom options to give clients a unique looking device.

The rubber top mat allows for both concave and/or convex keys in a variety of shapes and configurations alongside a range of colour options. The bottom case can also be coloured.

The Remo-S is compatible with Android TV and Linux operating systems and the pre-installed and tested software can be modified to suit your requirements.

The Remo-S features the latest chipset from Telink that supports the recent system update developments in the Google Android TV ecosphere.

It also features our unique SmartSet TV control, a comprehensive database of over 200,000 TV and set top box systems that allows the remote control to identify and control a number of devices without the need for additional coding.


Please click on the link below to download the Remo-S datasheet (pdf) 

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Full specifications are available upon request.

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