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TW Electronics has been a strong and consistent presence in the remote control industry for almost five decades. In that time we've seen many changes and innovations. We've followed the trends, even helped shaped some. It's a journey that has taken us from being just another company in the market to a leading and respected developer of high quality remote control solutions for global set-top box manufacturers, telecommunications and media operators. 

With a team of designers, engineers and multi-lingual project managers, we deliver an exceptional, personal service that can be relied upon and trusted. We keep our promises and keep you informed. This approach, combined with our industry experience and knowledge, gives clients the confidence that every project undertaken with us will provide them with a remote control that will seamlessly integrate with their TV or set-top box.

We work fast so that you can get to market on time. When you work with us, we guarantee to meet your timescales. Our agile and proven processes guarantees rapid turnaround on projects. From commission to completion, we can deliver our standard range of remote controls in under 7 weeks, or under 14 weeks for a customised design.

Extensive technical

skills & knowledge

We specialise in Bluetooth and voice recognition remote controls. We couple this with our unique IR remote control device database to make TV control set-up simple.

For Android-based set-top boxes we provide a range of standard, customisable or fully bespoke remote control options. all fully compatible with the latest Google specifications.

For Apple TV solutions, we have an innovative range of remote controls developed to be intuitive, ergonomic and styled for the Apple ecosystem.

High quality remote controls, consistently

You would expect us to have ISO9001 and ISO14001, which, of course, we do. But we go further. Quality is our number one priority.

Our remote controls are manufactured in grade 1 and 2 clean rooms by over 1,500 highly trained technicians across four global locations; Korea, China, Indonesia and Mexico.

And our quality efforts have been recognised by our customers. Our low failure rates led to us winning the SagemCom quality award in 2019, when a shipment of 5 million units was completed with no rejects, significant quality issues or field failures.

Get in touch with us for your next remote control project and see for yourself how our work ethic and customer centric approach ensures high quality, great service and a superb final product. 

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