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The Remo A is a new addition to our range of off-the-shelf Google TV compatible devices allowing for additional custom options and functionality beyond the scope of the Google Reference design remote controls.


The default software is compliant with the Reference software with its existing custom options, but this model has the added benefit that it can be fully configured to your requirements. An added benefit is that the remote can be illuminated and features such as a ‘find me’ buzzer can be incorporated.


The device also supports multiple IR connected devices such as TV’s, a soundbar or audio systems. Our own Device system - SmartSet is also available without license.


Sharing the same compliant features and approvals of the Google Reference design remote controls. RF approvals have already been granted in 30 countries and production ready case designs, available in 2 standard colours, ensures fast product development and market launch.


For operators looking to bring the latest Google TV experience to their customers, yet at the same time develop  a unique device that better matches their set-top-box capabilities, the Remo A is an ideal and cost effective solution.

Please click on the link below to download the Remo-A datasheet (pdf) 


Latest Google TV features applied along with multiple operator key technology


Full specifications are available upon request.

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