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Energy Harvesting.
An ecological solution that reduces waste without sacrificing performance.

The new G10 and G20 Android TV OS reference design remote controls are now available from Ohsung Electronics. Created in collaboration with Google, the devices enable a much quicker time to market with an existing production ready design and, most importantly, incorporate the certified firmware that Google has developed with Telink Semiconductor Ltd.


All aspects of a remote control development have been taken care of to ensure a quick product launch - production ready case designs in 2 standard colours, fully integrated software solution, completed RF approvals for many countries across the globe, and pre-certified to Google’s remote control requirements.

Working samples are available for testing with your Android TV OS set top box, dongle or television. Please get in touch with us here and we will send one out to you.


Fully committed to lowering
our impact and better managing our resources.


We are committed to reducing the impact we make on the planet and are always looking at ways to play our part in creating a sustainable future. Our goal is to increase our use of recycled plastics a much as we can, and, in collaboration with our manufacturing partners, we can now offer 70% recycled plastics with our aim being to be using 100% by the end of 2025.


Batteries have long been something we have been looking to make changes to and as technology has developed such as the launch of Bluetooth LE, we have been able to offer battery lifetimes of close to 3 years in normal use. But that is just the start, we have rechargeable devices, a popular solution but one that we feel doesn’t go far enough. With extra cables, this seems to us to be creating one positive benefit but at the same time adding a negative element that needs manufacture and once again creates waste. So we are exploring solar power as a viable alternative.


The problem was always how can we generate sufficient power to ensure the devices work at their best. Low light was usually the downfall of innovation in this area but we are now seeing development that has overcome this problem and are of the opinion that within the next 3 to 5 years, remote controls will no longer rely on their traditional power supply but instead, solar power will become the norm.


It’s an emerging technology but the pace of progress is exciting. We have partnerships with two of the leading solar power developers in the field of home tech and are already prototyping devices. If this proves successful, as a supplier of over 40 million remote controls each year, we will be able to proudly say we have removed from the supply chain, over 100 million batteries annually.


On top of this, we have also eliminated plastic from our packaging. The change to paper packaging raised costs but was needed initiative, it wasn’t enough to just go with paper, we wanted to ensure it was recycled. As more and more clients adopted this strategy with us, costs began to come down and now with the support of our clients, the volume used now means the cost is actually on a par with plastic. 


We’re not planning on slowing down in our drive to do our part in helping create a sustainable environment, we’re fully committed and constantly looking at how our manufacturing process can adapt to change. We have even established a refurbishment facility to extend the lifespan of devices. With a capacity of refurbishing over 100,000 remotes annually so far. It’s still early days and we are learning all the time but we are excited at the opportunities this service will be able to offer our clients and have plans to increase refurbishment capacity to over 1 million devices within the next few years.

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