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When a minimal key count is required but still keeping a stylish look and feel, the minimalist remote control ticks these boxes.

Available with 4 clearly identified 'On Demand' keys, customised to whichever service is required, the minimalist gives you a neat and solid remote control for all your Android needs.

Another version with a full number key count is also available.



In keeping with the growing number of current designs, our rubber sheet ‘top case’ product is now available, offering increased flexibility but keeping a standard construction. This allows customisation yet already has the full approvals necessary for mass production. Particularly useful for projects where time is of the essence.


By clever rubber sheet design, key profiles can either be pronounced for specific key locating in low light conditions or with minimal or flush finish for a more subtle surface. The low level is an advantage where cleaning maybe a serious consideration, such as health care environments.

The overall shape incorporates a pleasing wedge shape, with a stepped profile giving an appearance of floating on the surface.


If you are looking for an off-the-shelf yet customisable remote control with sufficient button options to accommodate all your device requirements, the TWii is a perfect, cost effective solution. A slim, elegant looking and durable device, it sits comfortably in the hand whilst its .light-weight and tactile buttons make it easy to use.

Versions are available capable of learning and can incorporate a 16 way integral switch - perfect for multiple device solutions with the same command software.

​The standard case style is available in a number of modern colours (black, silver, white or grey) and the button configuration and colours can also be customised to suit. Luminescent buttons are also available.

The facia panel is offered in either a gloss or matt finish and your logo can be incorporated into the case.


TWii 2.0


Inheriting its slim, stylish features from the original TWii, the TWii 2.0 adds additional flexibility and functionality in a longer case style for even more features and capabilities.

The successful design case style of the TWii has been elongated to allow additional buttons that offer a variety of custom options. Externally the tactile metal-dome buttons can be configured to suit whilst a choice of colours, finishes and printing options allows you to create a uniquely branded remote. The introduction of illumination across all keys, utilising a clever light guide technology, adds to the flexibility. Inside, the slim 14mm deep case conceals powerful software running all standard operational protocols to give you optimum control.

With order quantities from just 500 units, the fully RoHS compliant and CE marked TWii 2.0 perfectly combines your demands for cost efficiency, performance, elegance and functionality.

TW Classic

Classic TV replacement range
The TV range is based on 2 standard case styles and covers all major TV brands including: Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, Sharp, JVC and many others including own brand solutions.

Classic Set top box replacement range
The set top box range covers the majority of European set-top box applications including DTT, Cable, satellite and IPTV set-top boxes.The range is continuously updated.

Classic 'On demand' range
The Classic 'On Demand' range is a very flexible solution to creating a copy TV or set-top box remote control using an internet based software download solution. The end customer has a fully printed standard Classic remote control and then downloads their specific software to the remote control via a USB internet interface.

Classic refurbishment solutions
As we have a library of all the majority of TV and set top box codes for the European market and we are in an excellent position to offer a quick turnaround solution for refurbishment projects. We can offer an unbranded solution in a neutral case style for refurbishment quantities.

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