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The leaders in high quality, innovative remote control solutions


Reference Design Remote Controls

Devices developed to provide a fast and cost effective solution for operators looking to adopt the Google TV experience for their customers.

Experience counts

Over 40 years experience in the remote control industry

Valuable experience in managing many complex projects

Experts in BLE and voice implementations

Strong ethos of integrity in relationships with our customers

Long term partnership with global remote control manufacturer - Ohsung Electronics

Key long-term customers; LG, Technicolor, Sagemcom, Humax, Kaon, Arris, Canal Plus, Telefonica, Freebox


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100 million

remotes annually

4 fully owned


Voice & Bluetooth

specialists for over 8 years

Custom design remotes

Custom design remotes


Our designers combine their creative skills with their practical engineering backgrounds to create exciting new designs that are modern, ergonomic and functional.

Our team of designers create new custom design concepts that are refined to become part of our standard range or they are happy to work more closely with our customers to evolve their own initial design in to a fully production ready bespoke solution.


As part of our design process we commissioned a Trendbook to help our customers identify new directions in the design of remote controls. You can download your copy here.

Mechanical Expertise

We pride ourselves in developing and production remote controls of the highest mechanical quality. All aspects of the mechanical product development cycle are carefully controlled to ensure the end solution reaches the necessary quality standard.


The key steps in this mechanical design phase are detailed below:

3D printing & SLA models

Once we have an initial 3D design agreed we use a number of modelling techniques to allow our customers to physically hold the remote control and get a visual impression of what the keys and printing will look like.

These models can be solid non-functioning models or we can produce a fully working sample for the customer to test with their equipment. This also allows some real-life end user testing to be done prior to any tooling being started.


Virtual reality design proofing

We have powerful software and virtual reality equipment to simulate what our computer based design will look like in real life.


Viewing a new 3D design in virtual reality gives a far better sense of overall shape and proportion. It is a significant time saving benefit to be able to review new designs in virtual reality before moving to the modelling or tooling phase.


The VR software also allows us to make changes to many parameters of the design whilst reviewing it in real time with our customer.

Material selection & finishes

Critical to the final design impression is that the correct finishes and materials are selected in the development phase of a remote control.


The following requirements are all reviewed at this key stage:


Plastic moulding material

Final case finish - out of tool texture/painted or spray finish

Button finish

Backlighting options

Printing styles



The tooling phase is critical to a safe launch of a new custom designed remote control. Our target is to produce high quality accurate tooling within the agreed project timescales.

We will often ask our customers to join us in Asia to review the first tool off samples - a great way to save time as final minor adjustments can be agreed and carried out quickly.


Our Korean based mechanical engineering team oversee all stages of this tooling development until it is approved to go in to full production.  

Transmission solutions


In partnership with


Experts in voice control

TW Electronics and Ohsung have a vast experience in the development and production of remote controls using Bluetooth and voice - successfully shipping millions of remotes to global TV manufacturers, set top box companies and global satellite cable and IPTV operators.

Automated testing of voice features in the final phase of production is vital and is a feature of all Ohsung factories. 
We work together closely with the operator, set top box manufacturer and all the relevant chipset suppliers to ensure a successful ontime launch of these exciting voice features.

Contact us if you would like working samples of our voice reference platforms.

Audio remote controls

As specialist in lower unit quantities and aluminium casings, we are proud to be working with some of the leading brands in the audio and hi-fi industries, helping them develop premium remote controls, using the latest technologies, materials and aesthetics.


Intelligent Databases

When the control of a 2nd or 3rd device is required, the need for an extensive database is critical. Through TW Electronics comprehensive European replacement range & Ohsung’s worldwide portfolio, We have built up a comprehensive Device Database comprising TV, DVD, STB & Audio codes.


As more and more devices support

EDID to its true capability, with the use of bi-directional remote controls (Bluetooth, RF4CE or RF technology), these devices can be controlled and setup more easily using our AutoScan setup process.


For a demonstration of this process, please get in touch


Standard remotes

Standard remotes

Off the shelf housings ready for your artwork and software customisation

Choose from our growing range of standard remote controls. Customised to suit your needs.

Automotive remotes

Automotive remotes

Rear seat entertainment remotes that meet

TS16949 Accreditation requirements

Our in-car remote controls provide unique solutions that are approved to automotive quality standards and specifications. Clients in this specialised area of operations who have relied upon us to develop devices for their vehicles include Jaguar Land Rover and Volvo. 

Click below to be taken to our dedicated automotive website - TW Infotainment.

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